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Year Established: 2003



Pivot3 Headquarters
221 W Sixth Street
Suite 750
Austin, TX 78701
United States
Phone: +1 512-807-2666
Fax: +1 512-807-2669
Email: info@pivot3.com

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Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
Perry Levine -
Phone: +1 954 830-6139
Email: plevine@pivot3.com
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Company Overview

Pivot3 improves the simplicity and economics of the enterprise datacenter with industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure technology. By collapsing storage, compute and networking on commodity hardware, Pivot3 provides a software-defined solution that enables customers to scale to massive volumes and gain twice the performance of competing solutions, all at drastically reduced infrastructure requirements. Pivot3 has over 2,200 customers around the world and has deployed more than 16,000 hyperconverged infrastructures in multiple industries such as healthcare, government, transportation, security, entertainment, education, gaming and retail. Recently named a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), Q3 2016 and a Visionary in the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems, Pivot3 provides smarter infrastructure solutions for the modern data center. To learn more, visit www.pivot3.com or follow us on Twitter @Pivot3Inc.

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Pivot3 Virtual Security Server

Pivot3 Virtual Security Server  Logo

Pivot3 securely delivers Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities anywhere, any time. The viewing stations are virtualized on the Virtual Security Server (VSS) appliance and video is made available to view securely on a wide variety of devices from repurposed PCs to thin clients to smartphones, tablets and video walls. Nothing can be copied from a view station since the video data is all housed centrally and the viewing station has no download access to the video feed. Inexpensive PCs or thin clients can be housed in dirty dusty environments without the expensive ill effects experienced by expensive graphics-enabled PCs. Upgrades and maintenance to viewing software can be done centrally without traveling to remote viewing stations.?
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Edge Protect

Edge Protect  Logo

Edge Protect brings enterprise-class IT to physical security with a purpose-built and competitively priced hyperconverged SAN storage solution that is ideal for small, medium and remotely distributed surveillance installations. With Edge Protect, Pivot3 delivers high performance storage and server infrastructure for up to 200 video surveillance cameras at a price point competitive with direct attached storage (DAS) typically deployed in mid-sized NVR applications. Its unique architecture ensures all storage is accessible by all cameras regardless of physical location. With built-in server failover, video management and recording functionality is protected during any hardware failures, a highly sought after feature typically only found in large, complex enterprise surveillance implementations. With highly efficient shared storage utilization and the ability to consolidate multiple server applications (i.e. video, access control, visitor management, etc.) onto a single, highly resilient and scalable infrastructure, organizations can reduce costs while ensuring critical security systems never go down and never lose data, without the need for advanced IT skills.
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