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Remembering Jeff Pronschinske

Remembering Jeff Pronschinske Image
Remembering Jeff Pronschinske It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Jeff Pronschinske, former SecuritySpecifiers Board member and winner of the inaugural Elliot A, Boxerbaum Award. Jeff was the Security Practice Leader for Mead & Hunt, based in Wisconsin. In addition to his regular consultant duties Jeff was a major contributor in the remake of the 2014 MasterFormat Division effort. He passed away on February 26 after a tough battle with brain cancer.

Jeff's Obituary

Elliot A. Boxerbaum Design Award

Elliot A. Boxerbaum Design Award  Image
Nominations for the 2020 Elliot A. Boxerbaum Award for Security Design Project of the Year are now open. The award will recognize projects that went live in 2019 or Q1 2020. The Elliot A. Boxerbaum Memorial Award will be presented to a consulting or engineering company which designed and specified a qualified and completed security design project. It will recognize collaboration, design excellence, uniqueness, creativity, and administration factors which contributed to a highly successful security project.
The presentation will occur at CONSULT 2020, SecuritySpecifiers Technical Security Symposium on October 25 in Nashville, TN.

All valid applicants will have all CONSULT 2020 fees waived. Award project finalists and designers will be featured on Security InfoWatch and in Security Technology Executive and Security Business magazines.

We congratulate Vantage Technology Consulting Group and Michael Niola for their winning submission for the 2019 Elliot A. Boxerbaum Award on Bluebeam headquarters in Pasadena, CA.

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Read About 2019's Winning Project

Award Application

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Product of the Day - 4/10/2020

NEW Speedlane Lifeline Series Logo

NEW Speedlane Lifeline Series
Boon Edam Inc.

Announcing a brand-new line of optical turnstiles unlike any other in the industry! <br /> <br /> The Speedlane Lifeline series is the first of its kind in the industry. Its modern, sleek design is a far cry from the utilitarian, boxy designs of competitor turnstiles. With the slimmest cabinet in the industry (only 10 cm wide), the Lifeline can create a secure, yet unobtrusive entry experience. No other turnstile is as responsive and intuitive to use. A green LED light guides the user through the entire entry processes. The Lifeline is also the only of its kind to enter into an energy-saving mode when not in use, saving organizations on their utility bills. We designed the Lifeline with a purpose-based, modular approach. Components are put together in different combinations to create different products - creating efficiencies through the lifecycle of the product.
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Welcome to SecuritySpecifiers!

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The security consultant is a vital link between a building or facility’s requirement for security and the successful installation of a system to meet that requirement. From risk assessment to security audit to system design to the details of implementation and practice, it is the security consultant who identifies, then turns requirement into reality. SecuritySpecifiers allows a variety of constituencies – OEM's, integrators, facility owners and operators, end-users, and architectural firms – to access an up-to-date listing of companies and individuals skilled in the design and specification of physical security systems.

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