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Today's Featured Consultant - 6/23/2024

Product of the Day - 6/23/2024

Hand-E-Wave™ Logo

Essex Electronics

A rugged, hands-free door activation switch with advanced 24GHz Doppler Radar technology. Ideal for use in places where sanitation is a concern including healthcare, education, and high-traffic retail establishments. Stainless Steel construction and a low profile design make Hand-E-Wave™ easy to clean and sanitize, further reducing the spread of viruses, germs, bacteria, and infectious diseases.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) contribute to patient illness, death and increase healthcare costs for everyone. Significantly reducing the incidence of HAIs can be achieved with proper hand hygiene in the healthcare setting by reducing contact with potentially contaminated objects and surfaces including doorknobs, door handles and mechanical door switches.
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Second Product of the Day - 6/23/2024

Trove1AL1R  – Altronix Rack Mount Access Logo

Trove1AL1R – Altronix Rack Mount Access

Accommodates various combinations of Altronix power supply/charger boards and sub-assemblies. Incorporate Altronix power in the same rack mount unit with access controllers or consolidate power in a single enclosure with the Trove1AL1R. Trove rack mount units available to support the leading access brands with or without power. 2U drawer on extendable rails to accommodate deeper racks and Integrated Z bracket facilitates ease of wiring.
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The security consultant is a vital link between a building or facility’s requirement for security and the successful installation of a system to meet that requirement. From risk assessment to security audit to system design to the details of implementation and practice, it is the security consultant who identifies, then turns requirement into reality. SecuritySpecifiers allows a variety of constituencies – OEM's, integrators, facility owners and operators, end-users, and architectural firms – to access an up-to-date listing of companies and individuals skilled in the design and specification of physical security systems.

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