CNL Software Inc. (Evergreen)

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CNL Software Inc. (Evergreen)

Year Established: 2003


19775 Belmont Executive Plaza
Suite 420
Ashburn, VA 20147
United States
Phone: +1 571 992-0440

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Company Overview

CNL is the leading global provider of physical security information management (PSIM) platform software. Over the last 15 years, our award winning IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM platform has been deployed to secure major cities, military installations, and government buildings; keep transportation facilities and networks operational and the people that rely on them safe; protect public and private critical infrastructure; and to help many large public and private corporations protect employees, property, and assets and manage risk.


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The wide range of technology deployed in today's airports can become overwhelming if it is not managed effectively. From perimeter detection systems, to access control of landside and airside doors, LPR systems and drone detection technologies, all generate huge volumes of data. Therefore, intelligently connecting these systems together is the best way to proactively manage risks and reduce the impact of incidents.
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