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Smarter Security

Year Established: 1992


Smarter Security - Austin TX
110 Wild Basin Road
Austin, TX 78746
United States
Phone: 1.800.943.0043

Other Location(s)

NYC Experience Center
390 Fifth Ave. Ste.708
New York City, NY 10018
United States
Phone: 201-323-0099

Support Resources

Security Specifier Support Resource Inside Sales
Jessika Hernandez - Senior Account Manager
Phone: 512 648-2427
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Contact Jessika Hernandez for all your Smarter Security product inquiries and information needs.

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Company Overview

Smarter Security markets the world's most intelligent Entrance and Access Control solutions. Fastlane turnstiles, Door Detectives, SmarterLobby and the first patented COTS Risk-Adaptive security framework, ReconaSense. The resulting next-generation platform of solutions significantly improves operational effectiveness, installation resilience, and threat detection capabilities for government and military-grade facilities. At Smarter Security and ReconaSense, we secure some of the world's most iconic buildings, including 50% of the Fortune 100 and thousands of commercial, campus, and government lobbies. With Smarter Security and ReconaSense, organizations achieve a layered security strategy with a lower total cost of ownership. Founded in 1992, Smarter Security is privately held and headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a NYC showroom and team members throughout North America. Visit for more information.


Doorway Entrance Control

Doorway Entrance Control  Logo

The missing link in access control, Door Detective® prevents unauthorized entrants, tailgating, collusion, and obstruction. It is a cost-efficient way to advance door security without adding hassle to staff and end-users.
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Fastlane Barrier Arm Turnstiles

Fastlane Barrier Arm Turnstiles  Logo

Fastlane Plus, Barrier Arm turnstiles, provide an entrance control solution for environments where space is limited, but effective access control is still required. Fastlane Plus models are designed with the latest infrared technology to optimize and monitor the throughput of individuals while meeting the aesthetic needs of architects and specifiers alike. With Fastlane, physical security has never looked so inviting.
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Fastlane Speedgates

Fastlane Speedgates  Logo

Fastlane Speedgates offers elegant, contemporary design choices that seamlessly complement lobby interiors. While advanced infrared technologies accurately pinpoint the size, shape, and speed of individual entities detecting tailgaters less than 1/4" apart. Fastlane Speedgates are ideal for environments where aesthetics and security are paramount.
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Fastlane Turnstiles for Higher Security

Fastlane Turnstiles for Higher Security  Logo

It’s said that the key to a great offense is a great defense. Fastlane® optical turnstiles are an exceptional first line of defense in preventing unauthorized people from entering a facility beyond the lobby. Through advanced intelligence, our turnstiles can work with many access control systems to enforce building entry procedures, ensuring that every person is identified and validated. With high volume buildings, security teams no longer have to worry about compromising security for a quality end-user experience, as Fastlane turnstiles are capable of processing up to one person per second. With a wide array of models to choose from and integration capabilities, Fastlane turnstiles can satisfy the highest level of security needs.
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New Sidegating Technology

New Sidegating Technology  Logo

Smarter Security’s Fastlane Glassgate 155 and Glassgate 400 Plus turnstiles feature new optical technology to prevent sidegating from happening. An intelligent infrared matrix powered by neural network algorithms senses who or what is going through the turnstile in real-time and makes thousands of calculations per second to determine if the entry should be authorized. The system can distinguish between people and objects to minimize nuisance alarms, and process unsurpassed throughputs of up to one person per second.
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Smarter Security Ballistic Resistant Barrier Glass Demo

Smarter Security Ballistic Resistant Barrier Glass Demo  Logo

Smarter Security’s ballistic resistant glass barriers offer dependable performance, security, and safety with an NIJ (National Institute of Justice) validated protection level II standard. Our glass system is capable of stopping most common handgun rounds, including 45 ACP, 9 mm and a .357 magnum at traveling speeds up to 1,430 ft/s. These barriers are designed to be the first line of defense for any organization that seeks increased protection against criminal activity including unwanted forced entry, active shooters, and terrorist attacks.
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Smarter Security Ballistic Resistant Glass

Smarter Security Ballistic Resistant Glass  Logo

The best way to combat active shooter threats is to integrate proactive security measures that intervene and mitigate potential damages. That’s why Smarter Security has introduced the latest advancement in ballistics as an option on all Fastlane® turnstile glass barriers, which enhances active shooter preparedness. Smarter Security’s ballistic-resistant glass barriers offer dependable performance, security, and safety with an NIJ (National Institute of Justice) validated protection level II standard.
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SmarterMount  Logo

Smarter Security's SmarterMount is a universal post mount solution upon which an endless array of technologies can be mounted. As a seamless, integral part of a turnstile end cap, this versatile accessory can either be purchased as an option with a new Fastlane® turnstile order or as a retrofit solution for an existing Fastlane installation.
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Touchless Turnstiles | Smarter Security

Touchless Turnstiles | Smarter Security  Logo

Fastlane® turnstiles seamlessly integrate with many 3rd party products to create touch-free entry/exit and access control solutions.
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