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Smarter Security

Year Established: 1992


Smarter Security - Austin TX
110 Wild Basin Road
Austin, TX 78746
United States
Phone: 1.800.943.0043

Other Location(s)

NYC Experience Center
390 Fifth Ave. Ste.708
New York City, NY 10018
United States
Phone: 201-323-0099

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Security Specifier Support Resource Inside Sales
Jessika Hernandez - Senior Account Manager
Phone: 512 648-2427
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Contact Jessika Hernandez for all your Smarter Security product inquiries and information needs.

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Company Overview

Smarter Security markets the world's most intelligent Entrance and Access Control solutions. Fastlane turnstiles, Door Detectives, SmarterLobby and the first patented COTS Risk-Adaptive security framework, ReconaSense. The resulting next-generation platform of solutions significantly improves operational effectiveness, installation resilience, and threat detection capabilities for government and military-grade facilities. At Smarter Security and ReconaSense, we secure some of the world's most iconic buildings, including 50% of the Fortune 100 and thousands of commercial, campus, and government lobbies. With Smarter Security and ReconaSense, organizations achieve a layered security strategy with a lower total cost of ownership. Founded in 1992, Smarter Security is privately held and headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a NYC showroom and team members throughout North America. Visit for more information.

White Papers

Distribution Center Security: Protecting Inventory with Risk-Adaptive Solutions

Distribution Center Security: Protecting Inventory with Risk-Adaptive Solutions  Logo

Consumer behavior is pulling more assets through logistic providers and distribution centers than ever, which also means more risk than ever for distribution centers who were already stretched. With massive inventory and merchandise investments, distribution centers are a prime target for crime, both internally and externally. It is estimated that warehouses in North America alone incur over $500,000 in losses every eleven days due to product damage or theft.* With round-the-clock operations, high turnover rates, and seasonal and temporary workers, business owners need to familiarize themselves with the latest innovative security technologies, that combined, can create a comprehensive security solution to reduce threats and increase asset protection.
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Securing Education Environments: Key Considerations

Securing Education Environments: Key Considerations  Logo

Education institutions have a shared commitment to providing a secure and safe environment for students to learn and staff to teach. Yet with rising active shooter events and the rapidly evolving and unprecedented nature of the current pandemic, better physical security solutions are increasingly being sought. Smarter Security's "Securing Education Environments" whitepaper will help educational organizations take proactive measures to combat threats to students, staff, personal data, and property in instructional environments.
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Superior Emergency Management With Massive Operational Savings

Superior Emergency Management With Massive Operational Savings  Logo

In an emergency situation, crucial time can be lost trying to ensure all employees, contractors, and visitors in a facility are accounted for. First Responders need to know whether search and rescue is required for people still inside, and if so, they need to know what specific areas need to be searched. This has been done in the past with assigned staff monitors at “Muster Stations” checking off names on a clipboard to see that everyone is safely out of the building and accounted for, but this has been proven to be errorprone and can be improved.
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Why Smart Buildings Must Have Smarter Entrance Control

Why Smart Buildings Must Have Smarter Entrance Control  Logo

With the availability of so many technological integrations that can be configured in endless possibilities, smart building lobbies are more connected than ever before across every element of the facility security spectrum. It is critical to ensure that the technological capabilities you select are integrated into one central operating system for true efficiency and a holistic security overview that is available in real-time. Know more before you invest.
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