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Year Established: 2009


Genea - Irvine CA
19100 Von Karman Ave
Suite 550
Irvine, CA 92612
United States
Phone: +1 866 935-1557

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Security Specifier Support Resource Genea Support
Phone: +1 866 935-1557
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Company Overview

Genea is an industry leader in SaaS property technology. With a powerful cloud-based software suite, end users can indulge in an intuitive access control experience from the parking garage to the office. Our cost-effective, automated solutions streamline workflows and boost workplace efficiency. Genea is used in over 250 million square feet of properties within 26 countries. Best of all, Genea Access Control is backed by 24/7/365 live support, so you get the help you need when you need it.


Identity Management Integrations

Identity Management Integrations  Logo

Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, Okta and more...
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Video Management Integrations

Video Management Integrations  Logo

Do the names Rhombus Systems, Cisco Meraki and Milestone Systems ring a bell? Check out all of our video management integrations we integrate with.
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Elevator Control Integrations

Elevator Control Integrations  Logo

Genea now integrates with BraXos and OTIS elevator controls. See other integrations coming soon.
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Visitor Management Integrations

Visitor Management Integrations   Logo

Whether using Genea's in-house visitor management platform or one of our affiliate integrations, Genea gives users flexibility and protection to safeguard your workplace and automate visitor access.
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Communication Integrations

Communication Integrations  Logo

Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations provide instant alerts and ensure your systems are always running smoothly.
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Critical Event Management

Critical Event Management  Logo

These integrations combine tools such as weather alerts and live radar tracking with other assets relevant to the enterprise, including offices, data centers and access alerts.
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Tenant Amenity Integrations

Tenant Amenity Integrations   Logo

Genea Access Control runs in the background while users interact with one of the tenant amenity app integrations. These integrations enables building administrators to sync user identity with specific access events. With this data, administrators gain valuable insight into how their tenants interact with their access control system, such as how often and when specific doors are used.
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Parking Management Integrations

Parking Management Integrations  Logo

End users can reduce redundant data entry by syncing their door access control with parking management tools.
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Event Marketing Integrations

Event Marketing Integrations  Logo

Genea Visitor Management integrates with Splash event monitoring to sync event data in real-time.
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