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Gannett Fleming

Year Established: 1915


Gannett Fleming - Camp Hill PA
209 Senate Avenue
Camp Hill, PA 17011
United States
Phone: +1 717-763-7211

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Threats and hazards to the public, your personnel, or your property as a result of natural events, design, accidents, or intentional harm are a constant. Our security and safety experts provide technical and executive leadership to help you develop the security and safety programs needed to mitigate those risks. Through security and safety analysis, planning, design, certification, and oversight solutions, we protect the people and assets that are important to our clients and the nation.

Case Studies

Valley Metro South Central Extension

Valley Metro South Central Extension  Logo

As part of the project, Gannett Fleming is assisting Valley Metro in the development and application of the required system security and safety certification process to protect extension travelers and employees. The work includes assuring design criteria requirements for establishing systems to provide security and surveillance at passenger stations, park and ride facilities, and systemwide access points throughout the new light rail line.
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Dam Security Course Training

Dam Security Course Training  Logo

Keeping critical infrastructure safe and secure is the goal of an intensive security course presented throughout the U.S. by Gannett Fleming’s Security and Safety team. The program provides three days of dam security course training that covers security program requirements, physical security principles, and the application of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC’s) Dam Assessment Matrix for the Security and Vulnerability Risk (DAMSVR) process. Additionally, students learn what goes into an Internal response and rapid recovery plan as prescribed by FERC.

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Security Improvements for Amtrak

Security Improvements for Amtrak  Logo

To meet an aggressive schedule imposed by U.S. Congress as part of the ARRA requirements, the team adopted a design-build project delivery approach and completed the security installation within 11 months and $3 million under budget; a traditional design-bid-build approach would have taken nearly twice as long. Work included the installation of 600 security cameras, electronic entry control, and physical access control elements such as bollards, fencing, and gating.
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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission  Logo

The Pyramid Dam and its reservoir, located in Los Padres National Forest, California, store water for Ventura and Los Angeles counties. This critical infrastructure is maintained by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and is regulated for both safety and security purposes by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Gannett Fleming provided FERC security course training for 17 DWR management personnel to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain dam security.
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Yuba Water Agency Cybersecurity

Yuba Water Agency Cybersecurity  Logo

To maintain secure and safe dam operations, Yuba Water regularly conducts evaluations of the facility’s instrumentation and control and related security systems. Gannett Fleming provided specialized security consulting services to assist in the completion of a cybersecurity assessment report for the agency as required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

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