Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd.

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Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd.

Year Established: 1983



Opgal - HQ
PO Box 462
Karmiel, 2161401
Phone: +972 4 995 3903
Email: info@opgal.com

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Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
Eran Bluestein - Director of Business Development
Phone: +1 332 236-7048
Email: eran.b@opgal.com
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Company Overview

Opgal is a key global provider of thermal imaging systems and 24/7 all-weather surveillance solutions.

Leveraging 40 years of field-proven experience in the predominantly exclusive thermal imaging market, Opgal uses its vast expertise to create high-performance electro-optic observation systems for numerous applications. With an impressive repertoire of active projects worldwide, we are always looking forward to the next challenge.


Case Studies

Thermal Cameras Secure a Residential Community

Thermal Cameras Secure a Residential Community  Logo

Ten years ago, Opgal’s thermal imaging solution was evaluated and offered substantial advantages over competing products.

Southdowns Estate installed Opgal thermal cameras with video motion detection (VMD) to monitor the perimeter. Today, the cameras are still operating. Today, an upgrade plan to replace the older thermal cameras for the more modern Sii OP thermal cameras is progressing.

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