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Commend Inc.

Year Established: 1971


Commend Inc. - HQ
63 Ramapo Valley Road
Suite 201
Mahwah, NJ 07430
United States
Phone: +1 201 529-2425
Fax: +1 201 529-0008

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Company Overview

From its founding in 1971, Commend grew from a small family business into a large, globally recognized player providing Integrated Intercom Systems. Today, our unique solutions are installed for the protection of people, buildings and assets throughout the world. As a global market leader with over 40 years experience in developing voice technology, we have integrated video and interfaces to third-party equipment that complies with international norms and standards. Commend is the natural choice for hands-free voice communication systems all over the world. Exceptional quality, state of the art design, reliability, and a commitment to longevity and product development ensures that a Commend Intercom solution is a lifetime investment in communication and is why we remain the preferred choice among our customers.

Featured Products

CS-700 and CS-900 Stanchions

CS-700 and CS-900 Stanchions  Logo

The CS-700 and CS-900 security help point houses Commend's tamper/weather resistant substations in exterior locations. A wide variety of modules, such as security stations, buttons, and speakers are available. Available in 7-foot or 9-foot, the size and high visibility colors provide an extremely visible and aesthetic security site for people in duress. The housing is constructed of heavy duty steel, which is powder coated in a variety of durable finishes.

Commend Compact Security Wall Housing

Commend Compact Security Wall Housing  Logo

The Commend Compact Security Wall Housing is designed to house Commend's tamper/weather resistant WS substations in either interior or exterior locations. It features a bright strobe with 13 flashing LED modes. In addition, the size and high visibility colors altogether provide an extremely visible and aesthetic security site for people in duress. The housing is constructed of thick steel which is then painted in a variety of durable finishes. This provides reliable and attractive housing for the Commend security substation.
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ID5 Indoor Touchscreen Stations

ID5 Indoor Touchscreen Stations  Logo

Digital doorkeepers, signposts and communication conductors, consistently packed with comprehensive competence - that's the ID5 Series of Indoor Intercom stations by Commend. These high-end Intercom Stations are crafted using high-quality materials, including glass, high-grade steel and aluminium. Thanks to their timeless look, the ID5 is ideally suited for indoor use, whether mounted on a wall or placed on a desktop. The loudspeakers deliver crystal clear sound, while the generously dimensioned touch screen provides a sharp high-definition image. ID5, which comes in versions with and without built-in camera, can easily be configured via the Web Interface. Optional accessories such as an induction loop or handset can be added quickly and conveniently using the two USB ports.
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VirtuoSIS  Logo

The world's first, 100% software-based Intercom Server, VirtuoSIS by Commend, is designed specifically to integrate seamlessly into the flexible, dynamic world of virtual IT environments. It is here that the Software Intercom Server shows its true talents and great benefits: same functionality as its hardware-based cousins at remarkably low investment and operating costs. As a "fellow inhabitant" of the virtual server landscape without the need for any separate hardware, the Software Intercom Server is easy to maintain and requires no extra personnel.To provide custom-tailored solutions for all system sizes, Software Intercom Server VirtuoSIS comes in two versions: VirtuoSIS Starter for up to 32 subscribers and VirtuoSIS Professional for up to 1,120 subscribers per virtual machine.
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S6 High Performance Intercom Server

S6 High Performance Intercom Server  Logo

In 2013, Commend introduced the worldwide first 100% software-based Intercom Server. However, VirtuoSIS was only available for virtualized IT environments so far. The Intercom Server S6 brings all VirtuoSIS features into common server rooms as well. The cost-efficient and compact total package of hardware and software can be extended flexibly. Therefore, no extra hardware is needed - it is only necessary to activate the desired licences. A strong software provides all VirtuoSIS benefits. This means, that the S6 combines reliability, crystal-clear intelligibility, high video resolution, easy maintenance as well as low costs. And, of course, the S6 is fully compatible to earlier Commend systems - such as Intercom servers or stations.
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Public Address and Amplifiers

Public Address and Amplifiers  Logo

When it comes to professional communication and security, private and public operators all over the world rely on solutions by Commend. Networkable IP loudspeakers and IP amplifiers are the perfect Intercom add-on: secure, simple and straightforward. IP PA solutions by Commend are designed with the user in mind. They provide an easy-to-use, yet highly innovative way of transmitting security-relevant information. This is because IP Loudspeakers by Commend are not just perfect "speakers", but also "active listeners" and "diligent assistants" when it comes to reliable ambient communication.
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Compact but powerful, the new Control Desk DUETTO brings together highly developed functionality and superior flexibility. Designed as a space-saving master Intercom station for desktop use or wall-mounting, it combines IoIP and SIP to provide the best of both worlds. The DUETTO integrates Control Desk solutions with building automation, video communication and video surveillance. As a result, it opens up a world of possibilities for visitor management with excellent video-enhanced communication, even in areas with limited space. Perfect communication via Intercom and telephone.
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STUDIO by Commend

STUDIO by Commend  Logo

Extreme situations such as car accidents or technical failures are just as much part of the job as day-to-day communication in office environments. Studio makes it easy and convenient to stay informed and in charge, able to react instantly in case an emergency arises. All control desk functions of the Intercom Server are displayed on one or several monitors. Interactive icons (on-screen symbols) represent calls and error or alarm messages; they change their color depending on the required level of attention. Additional windows can be used to display action plans, help texts, protocol details and a variety of other useful information. Status windows can be configured as needed to provide operators with an instant, at-a-glance overview of the entire Intercom system, presenting all relevant details of events on-screen as they happen. Regardless whether control is automatic or manual, Studio interfaces with all the different output lines from the world of Intercom (gates, doors, heating, lighting, etc.) and supports the integration of 3rd-party devices into its visualization environment.
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School Serverless Solution

School Serverless Solution  Logo

The need for security communication is on the rise, especially at schools. In life-critical situations, a few seconds' delay in communication can mean serious injury or death. For security and safety, each room in each school building needs to be able to get help right away. Commend offers an easy, serverless setup for classroom communication and security, consisting of one LED button with a microphone and one speaker. This setup connects with a central station, such as a main office or security office, allowing two-way communication with a teacher and security personnel. It can also be set up to announce pre-recorded messages and alerts. This solution is easily installed and maintained and simple to use. A basic classroom setup can reduce communication time in situations where every second counts.

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