i-PRO Americas Inc.

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i-PRO Americas Inc.

Year Established: 1957



Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions
1701 Golf Road
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
United States
Phone: +1 877 803-8492
Email: communications@us.panasonic.com

Support Resources

Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
Carmen Baker - A&E Manager
Email: carmen.baker@us.panasonic.com

Security Specifier Support Resource Product Support
Glenn Adair - Product Manager
Phone: +1 914 629-4300
Email: glenn.adair@us.panasonic.com

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Company Overview

i-PRO Americas Inc. was established as an independent company to provide comprehensive Security Surveillance, Public Safety and Medical Imaging solutions. i-PRO delivers innovative technologies that extend human senses to capture, analyze and preserve underlying truths. Our goal is to be your trusted partner to deliver a safe, healthy and peaceful world.

Featured Products

FacePRO™ Facial Recognition

FacePRO™ Facial Recognition  Logo

The FacePRO™ Facial Recognition Solution automatically matches a person’s face using live or recorded video from Panasonic i-PRO cameras to a database of enrolled faces and performs notification and alerting of face matches. It provides a real-time processing capacity of up to 20 cameras per server and can execute high-speed searches of up to 30,000 registered reference faces.

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