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dormakaba USA, Inc - Corporate Office
6161 E 75th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46250
United States
Phone: +1 855 365-2407

Other Location(s)

Alvarado dormakaba Group
12660 Colony Street
Chino, CA 91710
United States
Phone: 909-591-8431
dormakaba - Reamstown
1 Dorma Drive
Reamstown, PA 17567
United States
Phone: 717-335-4326

Support Resources

Security Specifier Support Resource Specification & Architectural Services
Aubrey Winetsky - Specification Writer
Phone: 714-292-0545
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Comprehensive Consulting Services dormakaba has experienced Architectural Hardware Consultants on staff to provide the architectural and design community with comprehensive consulting services surrounding architectural hardware, doors and frames, glass doors, operable walls, revolving doors, automatic doors and operators, access control systems, guest room access systems for hospitality, and access systems for multifamily projects.

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Company Overview

Trusted access begins with dormakaba. As one of the top three companies in the industry, dormakaba offers a wide range of high-quality access control products, solutions, and services. We are driven by our mission to develop products, solutions, and services that make life easier, creating both security and comfort, from a single source. With millions of installations worldwide ranging from pushbutton locks, touch-free entrance systems, interior glass solutions for flex space requirements, full networked and integrated electronic access control solutions, mobile and mechanical credential solutions, and turnstiles, dormakaba is your reliable partner for secure and flexible access to buildings and rooms that seamlessly and safely manage people flow. With strong brands such as Dorma, Kaba, Alvarado and Best in our portfolio, we together with our numerous cooperation partners are represented in over 130 countries worldwide. We offer a network of service branches throughout the US for installation and preventative maintenance and specification writing & consulting services Having almost 160 years of experience, we are a trusted partner throughout every phase of the building project – from the initial consultation to maintenance.



dormakaba helps airports and airlines overcome the complex access and security challenges they face every day. We offer a comprehensive suite of smart access control and security solutions designed to improve the passenger experience by improving processes, while keeping facilities secure and accessible. Our long history of delivering unsurpassed product quality and exceptional service have made us a trusted solutions provider to the airport industry.
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Colleges & Universities

University and college administrators trust dormakaba’s integrated security solutions to ensure smart and secure access control across their campuses. While our solutions are engineered to protect people and property, they also allow students, faculty and visitors enabling freedom. With a long-standing record of ensuring safety and enhancing security in campus environments, dormakaba provides peerless product quality and unrivaled customer service.
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dormakaba has a long and rich history as a trusted partner and supplier of security products and access control solutions for US Government applications. For decades, all branches of the government, federal agencies and military housing have relied on dormakaba access solutions to protect people and property – both home and abroad. Let our experience and resources support you at every step. Trust dormakaba for integrated security solutions to effectively control and monitor access at facility openings and perimeter entry points.
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Security has become increasingly complex, and nowhere is this more evident than in healthcare. Keeping patients, staff and visitors, safe and maintaining an environment that is comfortable and conducive to healing requires a delicate balance between freedom and security.
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Ease of use delivers value across your enterprise. That means operational efficiency for your staff and a superior experience for your guests. Our commitment does not end with installation. dormakaba is unmatched in quality and service among global companies that supply the full range of hospitality solutions. Our tradition of innovation has you covered from Saflok and Ilco guest room door locks to total integration with Keyscan systems for back-of-the-house access control. dormakaba continuously delivers innovative products for total enterprise access control security.
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Retail and Commercial Facilities

Facility managers rely on dormakaba for our expanded portfolio of products that bring convenience to occupants while monitoring the activities of visitors. Architects, builders, property owners, and facilities managers face the challenge of making buildings welcoming while ensuring safety and security. dormakaba’s portfolio of smart solutions are designed to ensure secure and compliant entry and exit ways, enabling staff and visitors to move freely in a safe and secure environment. dormakaba’s range of access solutions integrate seamlessly and give you an attractive return on your investment.
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Sports & Entertainment

Stadium and entertainment venue operators are faced with multiple challenges: providing a safe and welcoming experience to all that enter the venue and, having to comply with increasingly strict regulations regarding codes, emergency exit strategies and violence. Admitting thousands of spectators into a venue within a short time frame requires careful planning and versatile systems to control authorized entry. We have a proven track record of understanding and solving all complex challenges. Our systems protect fans, employees, athletes, performers, and property while delivering user convenience and operational efficiency.
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Vacation Rental

Oracode remote access control solutions eliminates the need for managers to issue guest keys. Owners and managers trust Oracode for secure remote access management for multiple vacation properties. dormakaba's pioneering vacation rental solutions include a time-sensitive code for remote access, no keys or key cards are necessary. dormakaba’s Oracode keyless system changed the game by allowing property managers to grant access without ever meeting a guest or visiting the property.?????
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Electronic Access & Data

Our Electronic Access and Data Collection product suite comprise fully networked and wireless access control management systems, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, readers, keypads, credentials, time clocks, and data collection solutions. Each solution is designed with a single goal in mind - making access in life smart and secure.
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