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Year Established: 1996


STid - US HQ
6012 W. Campus Circle Drive
Suite 210
Irving, TX 75063
United States
Phone: +1 877 894-9135

Support Resources

Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
David Taylor - Sales Director
Phone: +1 972 693 4340

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Company Overview

STid is the leading manufacturer of instinctive, contactless security technologies - delivering high-security solutions approved by independent certified organizations. We safeguard millions of users for over 500 worldwide partners and are proud to serve leaders in the business, governmental and industry sectors such as defense, healthcare, aerospace, naval, energy and IT. We base the development of our solutions on standardized open technology and public encryption algorithms. This gives organizations the freedom to choose what suits them best. We rely on the quality of our products and their excellent security to win client loyalty rather than any proprietary technology.

Product Areas

Architect® RFID Readers

Architect®  RFID Readers  Logo

Architect® readers are based on an intelligent RFID core (Bluetooth® optional) to which various interchangeable modules are connected: card reader, keypad, touch screen, biometric fingerprint sensor, 1D & 2D code reader (QR Code) and 125 kHz reader to facilitate your technological migrations.

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STid Mobile ID

STid Mobile ID  Logo

STid Mobile ID utilizes innovative technology, enabling users to badge in with their smartphones while prioritizing privacy by not recording personal data. An agile solution adaptable to various organizational settings, it reduces costs and environmental impact by minimizing plastic card usage. combines top-notch security with a wireless, virtual user experience.?? STid Mobile ID is designed to serve as an end-to-end solution, ensuring robust encryption and authentication methods .? STid Mobile ID empowers end-users with a seamless experience to badge in, simply using their smartphone. As privacy is key in processing personal data, STid Mobile ID doesn’t record any personal information.?? STid Mobile ID is an agile solution to fit every organization’s needs : in fast moving or multi-applications environments, without compromising on security. STid Mobile ID, a fully digital solution significantly reduces costs and resources allocated to card management.? STid Mobile ID is a perfect way to reduce plastic usage , the lifetime value of virtual cards strongly surpasses the physical card’s one, as it is transferable it can last a lifetime
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