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Bullistic Barriers LLC

Year Established: 2019



Bullistic Barriers - Gap PA
1406 W. Kings Hwy
Gap, PA 17527
United States
Phone: +1 717 869-2775

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Phone: +1 717 869-2775

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Company Overview

Bullistic Barriers helps ensure our safety with its breakthrough, patent pending bullet-resistant fence, manufactured in the U.S. in Gap, Pennsylvania. With over 100 years of collective experience in working with metal, plus the only 'Certified Gate Systems Designer' in seven surrounding states, we have the ability to create a comprehensive physical and ballistic barrier to meet the needs of any unique property. Custom gates, controlled access and wireless automation can be integrated into the shell of your property.

Product Areas

Bullet Resistant Fencing

Bullet Resistant Fencing  Logo

Our fence was designed with the specific intent of a “softer” skin for guns of lower caliber rating to minimize ricochet. However, our bullet-resistant core can still absorb the energy of the bullet and eliminate injury from gunfire for pre-tested caliber sizes. Made from eco-friendly materials with high percentage of recycled content, our fence has a non-VOC, environmentally friendly finish that can withstand AAMA – 2604 criteria, and is engineered, designed and built in the U.S.

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