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Actall Corporation

Year Established: 1997


Actall - Denver
2017 Curtis Street
Denver, CO 80205
United States
Phone: +1 800 598-1745

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Company Overview

Since 1997, our team has developed innovative technologies and installed highly accurate RTLS systems for customers in a wide array of industries. Our scalable solutions are built specifically to handle complex physical environments, meaning the transmission of location data isn’t impeded by concrete or steel-reinforced walls, multiple stories, winding corridors, stairwells, industrial kitchens and laundries, or any number of facility-specific nuances that would wreak havoc with other RTLS systems.

Product Areas


In densely packed facilities where tensions can run high and violent interactions are a risk for both inmates and staff, safety enhancements to reduce violence can be the difference between life and death. An accurate and fast real-time locating system is critical in the corrections environment, but the environment itself can pose problems that traditional RTLS technology can't solve. Actall's ATLAS RTLS solves these issues with dual-band technology, precise RSSI tuning and granularity down to an individual cell. Tracking is about more than staff and inmate safety, as it can lead to positive behavior change and long-term outcomes.
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Behavioral Health

Actall's ATLAS RTLS helps improve facility safety by delivering duress and alarm signals faster than other RTLS systems, resulting in better outcomes and fewer incidents of violence. Precise and highly accurate location data allows help to get where it's needed quickly. RTLS can help long-term residents gain access to outdoor areas, attend classes, manage medications, and improve safety and interactions.
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Health Care

RTLS solutions need to be easy-to-to-use, accurate and reliable for healthcare facilities, as they are complex physical environments with varying levels of density, multiple floors, large lobbies, winding corridors, stairwells, commercial-style kitchens, and high-value equipment. Actall's ATLAS RTLS can help de-escalate workplace violence and reduce emotional and physical trauma, leading to lower costs and better patient care.
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