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Year Established: 1959



Takex America HQ
1810 Oakland Rd. Suite F
San Jose, CA 95131
United States
Phone: +1 408-200-3000
Email: info@takex.com

Support Resources

Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
Gary Buth - Director of Technical Sales
Phone: +1 916 768-1894
Email: gbuth@takex.com

Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Support
Vo Huynh -
Phone: +1 408 200-3026
Email: vhuynh@takex.com

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Company Overview

TAKEX is a leading manufacturer of Security and Industrial Automation Sensors for a demanding global market. Our worldwide sales team consists of Takex America, Inc., located California, Takex Europe, Ltd. based in the UK, and Takex Australia. Our portfolio of security products includes our Professional range of Active Infra Red (AIR) Photoelectric Beams, Active Microwave, Beam Tower Systems and Outdoor Passive Infra Red (PIR) detectors for complete Perimeter Protection, CCTV Activation and intruder detection. We also offer a range of high quality indoor PIR detectors, door sensors, Ultra Violet (UV) Flame sensors, Glass Break detectors and motion activated Speaker sensors. With such a diverse range of products Takex is able to offer tailored protection solutions for almost any scenario.

Product Areas

Photoelectric Beams

Photoelectric Beams  Logo

By combining a Double Modulated beam with a Tuning Amplifier and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) system, TAKEX Photoelectric Beam Sensors offer complete perimeter protection like no other. Our patented use of these 3 technologies ensure unrivaled tolerance against direct & reflected sunlight, vehicle headlights and other light sources.

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Outdoor PIR

Outdoor PIR  Logo

TAKEX outdoor motion sensors re-introduce the concept of reliable and dependable external PIR protection, for CCTV switching and alarm activation where quality matters.
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Indoor PIR

Indoor PIR  Logo

TAKEX Indoor Passive Infrared Sensors combine high performance optics and advanced circuitry with the highest grade components available. The superior design of TAKEX Passive Infrared Sensors ensures peace of mind protection in even the most demanding of situations.
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Microwave  Logo

Rely on the MW Series working whatever the weather decides to do. Be it heavy fog, frost, rain, or snow, our Microwave sensors offer piece of mind protection regardless.
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Speaker Sensors

Speaker Sensors  Logo

Speaker/Attention Sensors are commonly used to provide welcoming messages at building entrances, to protect emergency doors in shopping centers/hospitals/public buildings etc., to deter would-be intruders in security applications, or to trigger alarm/warning messages at construction sites and other hazardous areas.
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Door Sensors

Door Sensors  Logo

Takex offer a range of passive and active infrared door sensors for auto doors, each incorporating key field selectable features for improved installation flexibility.
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Flame Sensors

Flame Sensors  Logo

Takex offer a range of Ultra-Violet (UV) flame detection devices for both internal and external applications. With faster detection time than conventional smoke detection, and practical where smoke detection is not an option, such as diesel engine rooms and open environments, the Flame detectors have both warning and safety applications.
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Glass Break

Glass Break  Logo

The Takex Glass break detector uses Ultrasound to detect cutting as well as breaking glass. The advantage of this device is nothing has to be fitted on the glass itself, and it is possible to cover numerous panes with just one device.
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Tower Enclosures

Tower Enclosures  Logo

TAKEX Active Infrared Beams can be mounted on poles, walls, or any convenient structure. Where there is no mounting point, or for additional security (to disguise the mounting height and number of beams from observers), our range of Beam Towers are available as attractive but rugged Wall or Floor-mount units, in a choice Single or Double Sided options. Standard heights are 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m, with other sizes available upon request.
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