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Automatic Systems

Year Established: 1991


Automatic Systems America - Montreal
4005 Boulevard Matte
Local D
Brossard, Quebec J4Y 2P4
Phone: +1 800 263-6548
Fax: +1 450 659-0966

Other Location(s)

Automatic Control Systems Inc - NY
45 Rockefeller Plaza,
Suite 2000
New York City, NY 10111
United States
Phone: +1 877 944-9498
Fax: +1 516 767-3446
Automatic Control Systems, Inc - Chicago
770 Church Street West
Unit J
Elmhurst, IL 60126
United States
Phone: 6304506285

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Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Support - USA & Canada
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Security Specifier Support Resource General Information - USA & Canada
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Company Overview

Automatic Systems, a world leader in automated secure entrance control, has been designing and manufacturing pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access control equipment for over 50 years.
Automatic Systems has built its reputation on high-quality products and unrivaled customer service. Automatic Systems continuously strives to meet the needs of our clients and build long-lasting relationships. At Automatic Systems, we know that product customization and utilization of the latest technology are both key to designing high performance equipment adapted to the customer's needs. Our engineers and technicians work every day to design, improve and adapt equipment to specific customer requirements, with a continual focus on mechanical design and detection.

Product Areas

Security Entrance Lanes

Security Entrance Lanes  Logo

Automatic Systems security entrance lanes combine an elegant, modern design with a minimal footprint. They include a high-performance detection system to prevent unauthorized use, while offering increased passage speed, an exceptional reaction time and optimal user safety. Choose from retractable glass or swing panels in a variety of obstacle heights to meet your needs. Automatic Systems security entrance lanes are designed in compliance with UL for maximum user protection. All our security entrance lanes also offer an optional monitoring panel allowing for remote management of all lanes via IP connectivity. These products are ideal for providing smooth, optimized pedestrian passage in applications such as; government buildings and institutions, corporate headquarters and administrative sites, airports, schools and universities, banks and financial institutions, data centers and sensitive sites.
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Swing Gates

Swing Gates  Logo

An ideal complement to Automatic Systems security entrance lanes, swing gates are the perfect solution for any installation requiring a wide access way in order to facilitate emergency egress, accommodate the mobility impaired or allow passage to service personnel. Our AccessLane swing gates are available in various obstacle heights to suit the client's needs.
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Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod Turnstiles  Logo

The TriLane tripod turnstiles offer automated, bidirectional access control and secure access to high-volume areas. Our TriLane turnstiles are robust products that can function equally well indoors and outdoors. They offer numerous options, including easy integration of any multiple types of user authentication devices. They are particularly suited for stadiums, schools, universities, libraries and leisure centers. With an aesthetic look suitable for office buildings, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and government buildings.
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Full-height Turnstiles

Full-height Turnstiles  Logo

Automatic Systems TRS 37x series of bidirectional, full-height security turnstiles offer a durable and reliable solution, ideal for intensive use, even in the most severe weather conditions. These turnstiles are designed for single user throughput to prevent fraud. The TRS 37x series provides a safe, ergonomic user experience and conforms to UL 325 standards, for maximum user protection. Automatic Systems full-height turnstiles are ideal for providing secure access to fenced areas and isolated entryways. They are well-suited for applications such as factories, ports, construction sites and industrial sites.
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Vehicle Access Control Equipment

Vehicle Access Control Equipment  Logo

Automatic Systems offers a wide variety of vehicle access control products to meet the needs of all. High-speed barriers provide the required endurance to manage heavy vehicle flow. Numerous standard and long-range barriers are offered for perimeter access and traffic management. These barriers can easily be adapted to environmental constraints and are ideal for a multitude of applications; from parking lots, to tunnel access, to industries and much more. Automatic Systems security or crash barriers are ideal for sensitive sites where a high level of security is required. These barriers are the perfect solution for protecting access to sites with valuable assets. Yet another series in the vehicle access control family is the rising fenced barrier series. These barriers prevent access to both vehicles and pedestrians, therefore are particularly suited for applications requiring the protection of goods in areas where the entire perimeter is fenced, such as ports and military sites. With such a vast range of vehicle access control products, Automatic Systems is sure to have the solution to meet any site requirements.
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