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Year Established: 1957


Pelco - HQ, Fresno, CA
625 W. Alluvial
Fresno, CA 93711
United States
Phone: +1 800 289-9100

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Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
Michael Schlageter -
Director of Business Development
Phone: +1 845 427-1344

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Company Overview

Pelco is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of predictive video security solutions including cameras, recording and management systems, software, and services. Our personal engagement with customers, resellers and technology partners drives the development and deployment of surveillance and security solutions with meaningful innovation. It’s the foundation that Pelco has built its brand upon for over 25 years. From our VideoXpert video management platform to our industry-leading selection of IP cameras and accessories, Pelco is committed to designing and delivering a broad range of high-quality, IP video security products and systems that make the world a safer place.

Product Areas

VideoXpert: Introducing a New Experience in Video Management

VideoXpert: Introducing a New Experience in Video Management  Logo

Upgraded VideoXpert™ VMS dramatically improves unified management of surveillance and security systems with a simple, customizable user interface suitable for both occasional and power users. Open architecture supports application-specific third-party integrations for specialized surveillance markets, and the VMS brings these functions together to operate in a single seamless workspace. Recent enhancements to the VideoXpert VMS include: an improved user interface for faster, more effective awareness and action; incident management functions to easily and quickly correlate related video files; improved customizable event alerts with real-time visual notification; and immersive viewing of 180°, 270° and 360° panoramic images from Pelco Optera Cameras. Coupled with its powerful integration capabilities, which deliver a single solution to leverage the expertise of new and existing third-party providers for expanded and customizable functionality, the VideoXpert Video Management System delivers ease of use, reliability and performance.

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Evolution 180 degree Panoramic Camera

Evolution 180 degree Panoramic Camera  Logo

The wall-mounted Evolution 180 degree 12MP fisheye lens is optimized for eye-level surveillance. Both the indoor and outdoor models allow for tiltable adjustments, including angle compensation technology with vertical alignment, to deliver flexible and focused coverage. The Evolution 180 gives you 12% more pixels per foot than a conventional 360 fisheye cameras, and conserves storage and bandwidth by removing unnecessary floor and ceiling coverage.
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ExSite® Enhanced Explosion Proof Camera System

ExSite® Enhanced Explosion Proof Camera System  Logo

From the relentless sub-zero temperatures of Arctic oil pipelines, to the scorching heat of desert drill sites, to the high wind and corrosive elements of ports and offshore rigs, Pelco has engineered a camera line robust enough to operate in the most hazardous environments imaginable. Features: 1080p full HD resolution, 60 FPS IP Video with Smart Compression, H.264 dual stream IP video with Smart Compression, ONVIF Profiles S | G | Q, Smart Compression, vivid mode improved image contrast & color.
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GFC Professional 4K

GFC Professional 4K  Logo

The GFC Pro 4K camera offers expansive coverage and is Pelco's clearest view yet. It features include Up to 4K/8MP Resolution in 30fps, 100db True Wide Dynamic Range, Light Sensitivity and Illumination, P-IRIS Motorized Lens, H.265 + Pelco Smart Compression, Three Independent, Configurable Streams, Wide Temperature Range, Audio and Alarm, Robust Construction, Power Options, Local Storage, ONVIF Profile S,G,Q Compatible.
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GFC Professional Multi-Camera Series

GFC Professional Multi-Camera Series  Logo

GFC Professional multi-directional IP cameras provide targeted coverage from a single location, eliminating the need for four separate surveillance cameras in areas such as shopping malls, intersections, parking lots, and building corners. Features: 20 MPx total resolution, 30 FPS (2560 x 1920) Per Sensor, four independent imagers, remote focus and zoom, 3D noise reduction for low-light conditions ,IP66 Rated and IK10 Rated Housing, built-in microphone, ocal storage MicroSD / SDHC / SDXC Card Slot.
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High Corner Mount Security Camera (Sarix IBD Series)

High Corner Mount Security Camera (Sarix IBD Series)  Logo

The High Security Corner Mount Camera is intended for comprehensive coverage of small/medium size spaces and offers improved detection, operational efficiency and automation. Some features include 1200/1150 (3MP/1MP) Horizontal FOV, 900/860 Vertical FOV, Up to 30 images per second (ips) at 3 MPx, Lowlight performance & IR illumination for no-light operation, No glow 940 nM IR for up to 10M illumination, IP66 washable for indoor/outdoor use, Pelco Smart Compression Technology and more.
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Optera: Panoramic IP Cameras

Optera: Panoramic IP Cameras  Logo

Optera with SureVision 2.0 is the next best thing to being in the middle of the scene itself, offering the unparalleled ability to find and capture the necessary evidence to make critical, business-enabling decisions. With the all-new Optera, this is exactly what you get.
The Optera Panomersive Experience delivers completely stitched, seamless and blended 180-degree views without the disruption and distraction of disjointed sensor boundaries; a viewing experience that competitive offerings simply cannot match. Featuring 12 MP resolution with electronic PTZ across the entire panorama for the highest-quality, most uniform image detail possible, Optera elevates both live and forensic scene analysis to a completely new level for the security professional. SureVision 2.0 technology easily adapts to overcome glare, WDR and low light to deliver unmatched panoramic imaging.

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Sarix Enhanced

Sarix Enhanced  Logo

When nothing but the best will do. Sarix™ Enhanced Range cameras provide the most robust feature-set for your mission-critical applications. With SureVision™ , Sarix Enhanced delivers the best possible image in difficult lighting conditions such as a combination of bright areas, shaded areas, and intense light. Designed with superior reliability, fault tolerance, and processing speed, these rugged fixed IP cameras ensure you always get the video that you need. Available in a variety of form factors.
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Sarix TI Thermal Imaging Fixed

Sarix TI Thermal Imaging Fixed  Logo

Sarix TI Series Thermal Fixed Camera is designed to detect, recognize, and identify people and vehicles in any lighting condition, including complete darkness. Every Sarix TI Series Thermal Fixed Camera features both visible light and thermal channels in an integrated environmentally protected IP66 rated enclosure. Features include: HD visible light and VGA/QVGA thermal channels in one compact unit, advanced thermal optics with 14 mm, 35 mm, and 50 mm lenses available, built-in image processing algorithms and analytics, PoE and VDC flexible power options, ruggedly designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, easy installation into new and existing infrastructures, IP Connectivity, ONVIF S Conformant, full 3-Year Warranty and Support.
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Spectra Professional IR

Spectra Professional IR  Logo

The Spectra Professional IR offers a rugged, versatile, discreet, outdoor PTZ camera, with built-in IR illumination and look-up capabilities, a first in the Spectra line. Combined with adaptive IR modulation and digital image stabilization, the Spectra IR can provide clear visible pictures in total darkness up to 150m away. The Spectra Professional IR opens opportunities previously untapped by providing the capability to monitor events that occur + 15 degrees above the horizon line, all day and all night.
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Sarix Enhanced IP Camera

Sarix Enhanced IP Camera  Logo

The Sarix™ Enhanced Range with SureVision™ 3.0 delivers the best possible image in difficult lighting conditions: bright/ shaded areas, and intense light. Designed with superior reliability and fault tolerance for mission-critical applications, these rugged fixed IP cameras ensure always getting the video you need. The compact design, motorized zoom lens, built-in analytics suite, and other advanced features of Sarix Enhanced provide a best-in-class user experience anywhere a robust camera with exceptional image quality is required.

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