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Year Established: 2019



Swiftlane - San Francisco
65 Langton Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States
Phone: +1 833 607-9438
Email: info@swiftlane.com

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Security Specifier Support Resource Sales Support & Inquiries
Michael Gratteri - Head of Development
Phone: 1-833-607-9437
Email: michael@swiftlane.com
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Company Overview

Swiftlane is a secure, touchless access control and video intercom system designed to provide high security, safety, and convenience using face recognition and mobile credentials.
Swiftlane provides simple, high security, and scalable solutions for every building and workplace. With Swiftlane, simply walk up to a door and it unlocks using just your face or mobile phone. Swiftlane's cloud based system combines cutting-edge access control technology and two-way video intercom system into one simple system. The easy-to-use cloud dashboard allows admins to monitor visitors, employees, and deliveries remotely from anywhere. Swiftlane offers custom solutions for every industry including commercial real estate, startups, healthcare, manufacturing and industrial, education, government, fitness, and more.


Swiftlane Access Control

Swiftlane Touchless Access for Offices

Touchless access control and two-way video intercom for safe, secure office access anywhere.
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Swiftlane Touchless Access for Residential

Touchless access control and two-way video intercom for safe, secure access at any residential building.
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