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Essex Electronics

Year Established: 1977


Essex Electronics - HQ
1130 Mark Avenue
Carpinteria, CA 93013
United States
Phone: +1 800 539-5377
Fax: +1 805 684-0232

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Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Support
Phone: +1 800 539-5377

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Company Overview

Superior quality access control products for the security industry; researched, developed and manufactured for over 40 years. Heavy-duty, vandal-resistant Keypads, Card Readers, touch and touchless Access Switches and Keyless Entry Systems are a principal choice of security professionals worldwide.

As a leader in touchless devices, a product family of solutions helps organizations worldwide maintain safe, secure and convenient onsite workspaces. Touchless switches and readers provide enhanced security and reduce contamination risk while meeting elevated hygienic expectations in a hands-free environment.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, these advanced technologies are unsurpassed in their ability to tolerate any environment.

Founded in 1977 in Carpinteria, California with an impressive history of innovative firsts, having developed the original Keyless Entry Keypad® system for the Ford Motor Company. After the tragic events of 9/11, Essex was appointed to manufacture the keypad for cockpit door locking control systems utilizing our Piezoelectric switch technology. Over 8,000 keypads have been built and installed on commercial aircraft fleets around the world.

In addition to in-house rapid product development and manufacturing capabilities, exceptional client and technical support services are provided. See how you can secure access points with Essex products at:



Customization  Logo

This video shows various customization options available on the following Essex products: RoxProx II™ Proximity Readers, iRox™ Series Smart Card Readers, and Hand-E-Wave™ Hands-Free Access Switches.

Customize your Essex card reader or hands-free access switch.
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Tank Demonstration

Tank Demonstration  Logo

This short video shows an Essex RoxProx™ Reader operating underwater at a recent event. The readers used in this video were modified production units. The audio beepers were removed from the back of the readers and connected it to wires running outside of the Fish Tank.

Essex Electronics does NOT recommend any attempt to copy this demonstration. Extreme caution should be used when running an electronic device under water.
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Hand-E-Wave™ Installation

Hand-E-Wave™ Installation  Logo

This video demonstrates the procedure used to install an Essex Hand-E-Wave™ Touchless Access Switch at a 450-bed hospital. In this installation, an existing touch switch was replaced. The Hand-E-Wave™ switch is configured for a one second timed output and used to activate a Stanley Automatic Door Opener.

Please note: Essex Electronics, Inc. does not perform any installation services and recommends that installation of the Hand-E-Wave™ be performed by a qualified 12V installer. The product should be installed and used in accordance with Essex Installation Instructions.
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Impact Test

Impact Test  Logo

This video shows IK10 impact testing performed on an Essex RoxProx™ IP Proximity Card Reader and Piezoelectric Touch Switch. According to Standards IEC 62262 and EN 50102, the product must be struck 5 times by a 5 kilogram (11 lb) weight dropped from 400 mm (15.78 inches). Impact energy = 20 Joules
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RoxProx™ and Piezoelectric Switch Product Testing

RoxProx™ and Piezoelectric Switch Product Testing  Logo

This video demonstrates Temperature/ Humidity, Electrostatic Discharge, IK 10 Impact, and IP65 Ingress Protection Testing performed on Essex RoxProx™ IP Series Rugged Proximity Reader and PEB IP Series Piezoelectric Switch. Essex manufacturing capabilities are also shown.
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Vehicle Keyless Entry Installation

Vehicle Keyless Entry Installation  Logo

This video overviews the procedure used to install an Essex AKE-5 Keypad Keyless Entry® System on a 2004 Chevy Tahoe.

Essex Electronics, Inc. does not perform any installation services and recommends that installation of the AKE-5 be performed by a qualified 12V installer. The product should be installed and used in accordance with Essex Operating and Installation Instructions. Under no circumstances will Essex Electronics, Inc. be liable for any damages incurred to the vehicle or any individual during installation or operation of this product.
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