Dallmeier Electronic USA Inc.

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Dallmeier Electronic USA Inc.

Year Established: 1984



Dallmeier USA
2964 Meade Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89102
United States

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Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
Imran Rahmani -
Business Development Manager USA
Phone: +1 702 971-0145
Email: Imran.Rahmani@dallmeier.com

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Company Overview

Dallmeier is a world leading provider of IP based video Security Solutions with more that 35 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality complete solutions for the CCTV/IP Sector. With our Award winning Multi-sensor Panomera®, IP Cameras, Recording Servers, Intelligent Video Analysis and Enterprise Level Video Management Software, Dallmeier offers complete end to end Systems and high quality components which easily integrate with Third Party System utilizing open interfaces.

Headquartered in USA since 2010, Dallmeier provides in-house Product Training, Repair Center, Technical Support and a fully stocked warehouse.

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Dallmeier Electronic in 100 Seconds

Dallmeier Electronic in 100 Seconds  Logo

Dallmeier - A Global Player in Video Security

Dallmeier in 100 Seconds.
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The New Panomera S Series Multifocal Sensor Camera

The New Panomera S Series Multifocal Sensor Camera  Logo

The latest generation of the Panomera® S-Series features a completely new design and above all superior video analysis capabilities – besides many innovations from the one-man mounting concept to contactless lens cleaning.
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Panomera W Series for Airports

Panomera W Series for Airports  Logo

The Panomera W Series 360 Degree Multifocal Sensor Camera is an ideal selection for Airports and Transportation Hubs.
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Panomera Privacy Shield

Panomera Privacy Shield  Logo

If surveillance cameras have to be visibly deactivated at rallies or company meetings, the police and companies face an immense logistical challenge. Not so with the Privacy Shield for the new Panomera® S-Series cameras.
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Panomera Heated Front Window

Panomera Heated Front Window  Logo

The heated front window of the new Panomera® S-Series ensures a clear view even at the lowest temperatures. An ingenious flow channel ensures an even distribution of the warm air.
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Panomera Air Blast Lens Cleaning System

Panomera Air Blast Lens Cleaning System  Logo

Forget antiquated Wiper Washer Systems with rotting rubber parts, seized motors and empty washer fluid reservoirs. The innovative "Air Blast" compressed air system enables wiperless and remote-controlled cleaning of the front glass of up to four Panomera® S 4/8 with Mountera® Quick-Lock System.
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Panomera Energy Efficient Housing Design

Panomera Energy Efficient Housing Design  Logo

The intelligent, double-walled housing design of the Panomera® S provides cooling by air convection. This allows the systems to operate at temperatures of up to 60 degrees celsius without additional cooling.
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Dallmeier - Logistics Claims Management Solutions

Dallmeier - Logistics Claims Management Solutions  Logo

Record and document damage with just one camera for several thousand square meters? Convince yourself with a quick glance at the images of a "Dallmeier Panomera®" on the logistics yard.

Dallmeier Panomera for Perimeter

Dallmeier Panomera for Perimeter   Logo

Perimeter protection: Maximum security and less false alarms thanks to Panomera® and AI. The patented Dallmeier Panomera® technology in combination with AI-based video analysis offers the perfect solution for Perimeter Protection.
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