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Salient Systems

Year Established: 1996


Salient Systems - HQ
4616 W. Howard Lane
Building 1
Suite 100
Austin, TX 78728
United States
Phone: +1 512-617-4800

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Company Overview

Salient Systems is an acknowledged and trusted manufacturer of video surveillance management systems (VMS) headquartered in Austin, Texas. Salient offers network friendly, comprehensive IP and analog video surveillance management systems (VMS) built on open architecture. Salient is recognized as 'The Transition Leader' because Salient provides the industry's most straightforward, cost effective approach to video surveillance and its transition from analog to digital technologies. Migration from commodity based analog systems to the enhanced video quality characteristics of digital NVMS (Network Video Management System) is essential for effective business operations, the protection of lives and property, and as a tool to aid the mitigation of liabilities.

White Papers

Failover and Redundancy for VMS Systems

When selecting Video Management Software (VMS) for security deployments requiring failover, consumers and security integrators generally limit their search to VMS platforms advertising N+1 Failover capability. But what does N+1 Failover capability of a VMS platform protect against? Do those protections represent the greatest point of risk in the system? Furthermore, how likely is the risk to occur as compared to the cost?
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CompleteView & PowerProtect Enterprise Considerations

CompleteView VMS software can be provided on Salient's PowerProtect line of purpose-built Network Video Recorders (NVRs). PowerProtect NVRs are Windows based PC platform servers purpose built for video surveillance recording. Components are selected for high performance and long lifespan. PowerProtect NVRs offer users the option of obtaining the full recording platform from Salient for a single point of support.
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Moving from Analog to IP

There are millions of analog cameras in place today. Customers adding to their video security system typically consider options to use IP and analog cameras together in what is called a hybrid system. There are several technologies which can accomplish this, all of which have benefits in different installation scenarios. This document will consider different installation scenarios to evaluate the benefit of hybrid video management, encoder & media conversion devices for various applications.
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Deploying VSaaS and Hosted Solutions Using CompleteView

The advertised scalability of a system can mean many things. Any video recording platform can be installed many times at a single installation. The sum of the cameras managed by individual Salient Systems Page 4 recorders may be high but that does not mean the system scales well. A truly scalable system goes beyond high camera counts and offers tools to manage growth. The primary factor determining whether a system can scale is its ability to view and manage cameras from multiple recorders simultaneously. In addition, a truly scalable system will provide management tools to remotely monitor and maintain multiple NVRs and clients simultaneously. CompleteView includes the Admin Console, Config Server and System Config tools which together provide remote and simultaneous management of multiple systems.
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How Does H.264 Work?

Video Compression used in security applications is lossy compression, meaning once the original video information is compressed it can never be decompressed to restore all of the original information. In lossy compression, if information is compressed then decompressed then recompressed and so on, more and more information will be lost with each successive compression. H.264 supports advanced feature sets of video compression, such as Motion Compensation. Additionally H.264 can enhance the quality of highly compressed video using a deblocking filter.
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How to Calculate Object Detail Level Based on Field of View and Camera Resolution

When designing a video security system it is important to identify the need for a camera. Cameras are typically specified for one of two basic scenarios: · Scene overview · Object identification (face, license plate etc.) In the case of the former a specific camera resolution is not as important as the camera & lens angle of view. Typically the goal is to cover a wide area without an emphasis on detail. In the case of the later, a specific detail level (measured in pixels) must be calculated for an object at an estimated distance from the camera. This document will focus on calculating detail levels at a specific distance.
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What To Consider When Selecting A Digital Video Management Platform

A Digital Video Management System (DVMS) acts as the front end interface to the operators of a security system. It is the most visible component in a security and surveillance installation and often the most important component to decide on. The DVMS features and level of integration with cameras and other security sensor devices will ultimately determine if it will meet the needs of your organization or customer.
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Why CompleteView is Network Friendly

Understanding features of Video Management Systems which minimize network impact and ease system administration.
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Modular vs. Database Dependent Design

Modern databases are powerful storage mediums. Coupled with powerful search capabilities, video management system (VMS) architects see the performance gains offered from incorporating database functionality into their designs as a no-brainer. In fact, a common design trend in video management is to use the database as the sole storage medium.
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Configurations and System Design

Configuration Scenarios for designing and implementing CompleteView Video Management Software.
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