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Year Established: 1983


Altronix - HQ
140 58th Street
Bldg. A - 3 W
Brooklyn, NY 11220
United States
Phone: +1 718 567-8181
Fax: +1 718 567-9056

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Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Support
Paul Rizzuto -
Phone: +1 718 567-8181

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Company Overview

A global leader in power and data transmission solutions for professional Security, Surveillance, Access Control and Fire applications, Altronix designs and manufactures innovative solutions that integrate disparate infrastructure and maximize overall performance and efficiency. Our comprehensive line of power products and peripherals, feature the quality, reliability and unparalleled customer support that have been associated with Altronix for over 35 years, proudly made in the U.S.A and backed by a lifetime warranty. In addition to producing a wide range of products, Altronix offers OEM design and manufacturing services to create custom electronics for commercial and industrial applications.

Application Notes

How to Calculate Voltage Drop for Long Paired Wire Runs

How to Calculate Voltage Drop for Long Paired Wire Runs  Logo

A primary concern when installing lengths of wire is voltage drop. The amount of voltage lost between the originating power supply and the device being powered can be significant. Improper selection of wire gauge can lead to an unacceptable voltage drop at load end.

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How to Choose the Correct Battery Size for Your Application

How to Choose the Correct Battery Size for Your Application  Logo

Figuring out the size of a battery necessary to support the load discharge current for a specific amount of time can be tricky.

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PTCs (a.k.a. Circuit Breakers) vs. Fuses

PTCs (a.k.a. Circuit Breakers) vs. Fuses  Logo

The PTC, or Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistor, acts as a type of circuit breaker. In general, the resistance increases dramatically as the PTC threshold temperature is exceeded due to the load current passing through it. This presents a high resistance, which in effect opens a circuit, protecting the device in question in the event of an over current condition. This is a misunderstood and widely misused component, and this application note should help clarify the most appropriate applications for the PTC.

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Power Demands of a System

Power Demands of a System  Logo

When installing any new fire, security, CCTV or access control system, one of the first and most important considerations is power demand. Knowing this allows efficient and cost-effective matching of power supply to the system requirements. The same is true when a new device is added to an existing system.

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BTU/H Calculations for Power Supplies

BTU/H Calculations for Power Supplies  Logo

There is a growing need to understand and quantify the amount of heat generated by power supplies. This application note explains how to convert power in terms of Watts or HVAC, which is the terminology used in the Power Supply industry into BTU/H which is used by the Heating and AC industry.

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