Seneca (Arrow Electronics)

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Seneca (Arrow Electronics)

Year Established: 1979


Arrow - Seneca
6040 Tarbell Rd
Syracuse, NY 13206
United States
Phone: +1 800 227-3432

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Ron VanTassel - Market Development Manager
Phone: 315-579-3987
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Customer Care - Support
Phone: 800-227-3432 Option 5
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Company Overview

Seneca, An Arrow company is a leading solution provider of computer and storage technology for the physical security market with a full line of specialized solutions that are optimized, certified and guaranteed with leading software platforms. The Seneca product offers servers, clients, storage, analytics, and access control infrastructure hardware. The product leverages years of engineering expertise, manufacturing experience and partnerships to deliver an outstanding customer experience through configuration and set-up, pre-sales and post-sales support and ecosystem partners that make deployment easier for our customers.


Seneca VMS Certifications

Seneca VMS Certifications  Logo

Seneca has multiple certifications from the actual VMS companies (Genetec, Milestone, Qognify). We have met the requirements from VMS companies to ensure that the Seneca hardware platforms have been optimized and compatible with these software platforms. Our dedicated engineering team has tested the system inside and out; from this we know what the software can do. From this expertise Seneca knows how to design our NVRs for the best performance with each specific VMS. Seneca tests VMS' that do not have a true certification program in order to determine the best optimization for hardware and software compatibility to reach the best performance.

Seneca Servers Certified for Milestone XProtect Platforms

Seneca Servers Certified for Milestone XProtect Platforms  Logo

Seneca has completed hardware certification for Milestone's xProtect Software Platforms through the System Builder program. The Milestone solution certification provides integrators and their customers' peace of mind that Seneca network video recorder platforms are optimized for superior performance with Milestone xProtect video management software platforms.
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