Seneca (Arrow Electronics)

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Seneca (Arrow Electronics)

Year Established: 1979


Arrow - Seneca
6040 Tarbell Rd
Syracuse, NY 13206
United States
Phone: +1 800 227-3432

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Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
Ron VanTassel - Market Development Manager
Phone: 315-579-3987
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Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Support
Customer Care - Support
Phone: 800-227-3432 Option 5
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Company Overview

Seneca, An Arrow company is a leading solution provider of computer and storage technology for the physical security market with a full line of specialized solutions that are optimized, certified and guaranteed with leading software platforms. The Seneca product offers servers, clients, storage, analytics, and access control infrastructure hardware. The product leverages years of engineering expertise, manufacturing experience and partnerships to deliver an outstanding customer experience through configuration and set-up, pre-sales and post-sales support and ecosystem partners that make deployment easier for our customers.


Seneca security sales territory map

Seneca security sales territory map  Logo

Current sales territory contact map for Seneca security solutions.

Network Video Recorder (xNVR) Product Guide

Network Video Recorder (xNVR) Product Guide  Logo

Seneca NVRs are certified with leading Video Management Software (VMS) companies to ensure hardware and software compatibility. In this free download you will obtain a complete NVR product overview for Confidence 100, Reliance 200, Assurance 300, and Certainty 400. Compare different features and options to build your NVR based on your project's requirements. Explore the flexibility of the Seneca NVR product line.

Client Viewing Station (xView) Product Guide

Client Viewing Station (xView) Product Guide  Logo

Complete product matrix of our entire xView Client Viewing Station product line. - Learn how to increase efficiency with single or multi-view viewings stations - Surveillance usage models for client viewing including video walls - xView 100-400 product lines
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Seneca NVR Product Selector

Seneca NVR Product Selector  Logo

The Digital Security Surveillance Product Selector will help you in choosing the right solution for your next project. This step by step tool allows you to enter project information such as VMS, configured cameras, storage requirements, scene activity, required bandwidth, and much more.
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