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BCDVideo (BCD)

Year Established: 1999



901 Deerfield Parkway
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
United States
Email: aesupport@bcdinc.com

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Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Support
Phone: +1-844-462-2384
Email: support@bcdvideo.com
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BCD is your partner offering both pre and post-sales support. We provide video surveillance technical support with expertise in IP video security, networking, storage, and more.

Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
Maureen Carlo - Director of Strategic Alliances
Phone: 518-726-6494
Email: mcarlo@bcdinc.com

Security Specifier Support Resource Schedule A&E Virtual Lunch & Learn
Email: aesupport@bcdinc.com

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Company Overview

With a focus on proactive response and personal service, BCD is the most trusted source for innovative, purpose-built IP video storage solutions designed for security integrators. BCD partners with the world’s top security integrators to implement security solutions certified by the top Video Management Software (VMS) and digital camera manufacturers. The company’s global footprint includes more than 170,000 installations in over 91 countries.

Featured Products


REVOLV Hybrid HCI  Logo

REVOLV hybrid hyperconverged infrastructure (hHCI) is a valuable and powerful option for businesses looking to increase or scale one virtual hardware system without increasing or scaling another at the same time. hHCI enables users to virtualize their hardware systems, protect against data loss, keep costs down, and ensure valuable systems aren't sitting idle. REVOLV comes in three different solutions: DEEPSTOR Lite, DEEPSTOR, and DEEPSTOR+. Each solution is built using servers from Dell, specialized switching from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, powerful SAN storage from Dell EMC, and the latest hypervisor technology from VMware.
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REVOLV Solution Brief

REVOLV Solution Brief  Logo

With REVOLV hHCI, BCD was named one of Intel's Channel Partners of the Year for OEM Innovation. Review the solution brief, created in partnership with Intel, to learn more about our innovative hHCI solution.

Q4 2021 Educational Series – Virtualization

Q4 2021 Educational Series – Virtualization  Logo

The BCD A&E Security Specifiers Program offers a quarterly education series to educate consultants on BCD's latest technology. This quarter, BCD focused on holistic end-to-end networking solutions for video security. Access a recording of the webinar as well as other networking resources through our dedicated A&E portal.
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REVOLV Video Library

REVOLV Video Library  Logo

Visit our REVOLV video library to learn more about hHCI, Harmonize Software Suite, and more!
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Harmonize Software Suite

Harmonize Software Suite  Logo

REVOLV and the HARMONIZE Software Suite give you system that is managed through a familiar GUI (VMS) and is backed by BCD’s 20 years of industry experience. Each part of the HARMONIZE Software Suite optimizes REVOLV and brings you a system that gives you more: more tools, more control, and more peace of mind.
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Virtualization and Hyperconvergence: A Primer

Virtualization and Hyperconvergence: A Primer  Logo

While virtualization is not a new concept, hyperconverged infrastructure is becoming more and more prevalent in the security market. Read this article by BCD's Darren Giacomini to learn about the benefits of virtualization as it applies to HCI in the security industry.
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What is the Difference Between hHCI and HCI?

What is the Difference Between hHCI and HCI?  Logo

As storage needs continue to evolve, businesses are considering a hybrid HCI solution. Read on to learn the differences between HCI and hHCI.
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