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BCDVideo (BCD)

Year Established: 1999



901 Deerfield Parkway
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
United States
Email: aesupport@bcdinc.com

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Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Support
Phone: +1-844-462-2384
Email: support@bcdvideo.com
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BCD is your partner offering both pre and post-sales support. We provide video surveillance technical support with expertise in IP video security, networking, storage, and more.

Security Specifier Support Resource A&E Support
Maureen Carlo - Director of Strategic Alliances
Phone: 518-726-6494
Email: mcarlo@bcdinc.com

Security Specifier Support Resource Schedule A&E Virtual Lunch & Learn
Email: aesupport@bcdinc.com

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Company Overview

With a focus on proactive response and personal service, BCD is the most trusted source for innovative, purpose-built IP video storage solutions designed for security integrators. BCD partners with the world’s top security integrators to implement security solutions certified by the top Video Management Software (VMS) and digital camera manufacturers. The company’s global footprint includes more than 170,000 installations in over 91 countries.

Cybersecurity Supply Chain Assurance

Cybersecurity Supply Chain Assurance

Cybersecurity Supply Chain Assurance  Logo

From data encryption to our proprietary supply chain declaration, our cybersecurity focus is always driving to be one step ahead of the next intrusive system threat. Learn more about BCDVideo's proprietary supply chain delcaration.
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ALE Switch Software Security

ALE Switch Software Security  Logo

Did you know ALE switches in the 6860 and 6900 series offer a multitude of other security benefits? More information regarding the encryption and coding process can be found under the Switch Software Security portion of the datasheets.
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How BCD Tackles Global Inventory Challenges

How BCD Tackles Global Inventory Challenges  Logo

Learn how BCD's stellar supply chain team has been able to stay ahead of global shortages throughout the pandemic, all while setting the industry standard for lead times.
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