ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure

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ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure

Year Established: 1907



6005 Commerce Dr.
Irving, TX 75063
United States
Phone: +1 469 265-5732
Email: info@abloyusa.com

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Company Overview

ABLOY assists Architects, Engineers, Security Consultants and Construction Professionals with planning their high security applications and projects in high profile & critical infrastructure markets. Our security and locking innovations offer complete protection across your entire critical infrastructure, with "future-proof" solutions that cover mechanical, electromechanical and keyless technologies.
Abloy's advanced locking and access control systems are found across these critical infrastructure sectors:

Electric Power - Water utilities - Telecom - Transportation & Trucking Fleets - Petrochemical - Mining - Underground Infrastructure - Intelligent Traffic Control - Railway

Comprehensive support is provided by ABLOY's service network, as well as regional competence centers around the world.



Abloy AIA CEU - 1.0 HSW credit hour

Abloy AIA CEU - 1.0 HSW credit hour  Logo

Protecting Critical Infrastructure with an Electro-Mechanical Intelligent Key Locking System
This new CEU course will explore how to incorporate electronic intelligent keys, mechanical rotating disc locking technology, and access control software to achieve the highest security access control system available. We will review the current security concerns of North America’s critical infrastructure, describe access control technology and how it works in conjunction with a mechanical and electrical interface, as well as relevant codes pertaining to high-security lock mandates and other mandates for specific critical infrastructure sectors.

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ABLOY Critical Infrastructure Solutions Catalog

ABLOY Critical Infrastructure Solutions Catalog  Logo

ABLOY was founded on the invention of the disc cylinder locking system, and today we are leading the industry with our Digital portfolio of products. This includes the ABLOY BEAT keyless system, the electromechanical PROTEC2 CLIQ system, and the mechanical ABLOY Master Key Systems padlocks. It’s all digitally managed by the CIPE Manager operating system, and supported by ABLOY services and global presence.
Our 2021 Full Catalog contains workflow and hardware solutions to help you migrate to a frictionless access control system for a safer and more secure environment.

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ABLOY USA Competence Center & Contacts

ABLOY USA Competence Center & Contacts  Logo

ABLOY USA helps the security specifier and distributor community with its newly opened U.S. Competence Center in Irving, TX. A dedicated team of experienced professionals is available 24/7 to offer technical expertise and fill orders for ABLOY PROTEC 2 CLIQ ™ locks and key systems and the new ABLOY® BEAT, a keyless solution introduced in 2021 that combines a novel digital key, mobile app and an IP68-rated Bluetooth padlock. Contact us today for design assistance and product support.

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Assa Abloy LPCB Certificate of Product Approval

Assa Abloy LPCB Certificate of Product Approval  Logo

Abloy Padlock Products Certificate of Product Approval, LPCB, Loss Prevention Certification Board. LPS 1654; Requirements and testing procedures for the LPBC approval and listing of padlocks.

Abloy 3-Part CSI Product Specifications

Abloy 3-Part CSI Product Specifications   Logo

Abloy 3-Part CSI Format Product Specifications. 087153 Door Security Hardware. Contact us today for project information and your local sales support contact and distributor.
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ASTM F883  Logo

ASTM / EN12320 Abloy Padlock Compliance

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