ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure

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ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure

Year Established: 1907



6005 Commerce Dr.
Irving, TX 75063
United States
Phone: +1 469 265-5732
Email: info@abloyusa.com

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Company Overview

ABLOY assists Architects, Engineers, Security Consultants and Construction Professionals with planning their high security applications and projects in high profile & critical infrastructure markets. Our security and locking innovations offer complete protection across your entire critical infrastructure, with "future-proof" solutions that cover mechanical, electromechanical and keyless technologies.
Abloy's advanced locking and access control systems are found across these critical infrastructure sectors:

Electric Power - Water utilities - Telecom - Transportation & Trucking Fleets - Petrochemical - Mining - Underground Infrastructure - Intelligent Traffic Control - Railway

Comprehensive support is provided by ABLOY's service network, as well as regional competence centers around the world.



For Trust in Critical Infrastructure Protection

For Trust in Critical Infrastructure Protection  Logo

Abloy provides a hallmark of trust in critical infrastructure with the most advanced locking and access control systems available. Our digital portfolio is a future-proof offering of high-level security and access control solutions for even the most demanding requirements. Our portfolio includes keyless, electromechanical and mechanical options, across all businesses, industries and critical infrastructure sites.

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ABLOY® BEAT - High-end Bluetooth Padlock for Critical Infrastructure Protection

ABLOY® BEAT - High-end Bluetooth Padlock for Critical Infrastructure Protection  Logo

ABLOY BEAT is a new digital locking solution that includes a Super Weather Proof Bluetooth padlock that is operated with a digital, mobile key and secured with the best-in- class Seos® credential technology, specifically designed for critical infrastructure protection. It’s managed with CIPE Manager or can be integrated into third-party systems, so you are always in sync with your security situation.

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New InfraLOCK Manhole Cover Lock

New InfraLOCK Manhole Cover Lock  Logo

Introducing InfraLOCK™, ABLOY USA and Neenah Foundry's new high security locking manhole system. InfraLOCK™ maximizes safety and security by incorporating the ultra-strong Abloy® PLM340 padlock to protect the nation's underground infrastructure. This cast iron manhole solution is designed with customers in mind to avoid costly downtime and interruptions. ABLOY and Neenah Foundry's InfraLOCK™ delivers reliability, durability and convenience.

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ABLOY IP68 Rated Super Weather Proof Padlocks

ABLOY IP68 Rated Super Weather Proof Padlocks  Logo

The new Super Weather Proof (SWP) range of padlocks providing ultimate protection against dust and water. IP68 -- fully dust tight, withstands continued immersion in water IP (International Protection) grade indicate how well an item is protected against dust and water ingress. The first digit indicates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of foreign objects and dust, the second digit indicates water resistance. The IP68 designation awarded to ABLOY® SUPER WEATHER PROOF (SWP) padlocks indicates a hermetic seal. This range of padlocks is simply the toughest!

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