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Year Established: 2016

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Company Overview

On a mission to improve safety and security for the built world, Openpath creates smart, customizable access control systems. Sleek hardware and convenient touchless, mobile entry enhances the user experience, while cloud-based enterprise software effortlessly scales to make remote system management easier than ever.

The Openpath platform is designed with an open API architecture and backwards compatibility for superior interoperability. Seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed technology partners, including solutions for tailgating, video surveillance, directory platforms, visitor management, and building automation. Create safer, healthier spaces with built-in lockdown and occupancy tracking features, plus integrations for health questionnaires, temperature screenings, and contact tracing. Openpath is the first and only solution to achieve 94% mobile adoption.



Openpath’s cloud-based mobile access control solution offers greater flexibility for multi-site enterprise organizations. Designed to effortlessly scale from a single door up to hundreds, the Openpath system supports an unlimited number of users across any door density.

The future-proof technology increases ROI by eliminating expensive and time-consuming updates, centralizing data and controls, and automating processes through IoT integrations. Increase safety with native occupancy tracking, touchless entry, and flexible lockdown plans that can be triggered remotely.

The intuitive enterprise-grade software gives teams access to all their data and controls from any device, anywhere in the world. Instant credentialing in the cloud boosts productivity, while granular and site-specific permissions make managing any number of users easier than ever.

Openpath’s touchless mobile access control also supports elevators, turnstiles, and parking garages. Plus, it’s backwards compatible with legacy on-premise enterprise systems, giving businesses the ability to create hybrid or standalone security solutions.
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Commercial Real Estate

Give tenants the convenience of touchless mobile entry, without sacrificing security. Openpath’s cloud-based access control is perfect for commercial real estate and multi-tenant properties. The scalable solution supports any door density, and is backwards compatible with many existing access control systems for added flexibility.

The easy-to-install hardware is sleek, user-friendly, and award-winning for design. Openpath multi-technology Smart Readers and Video Readers support touchless mobile credentials, Apple Watch, tablet apps, plus encrypted key cards and fobs, so all your tenants can use their preferred access method. Openpath also offers easy-to-use digital Guest Pass credentials for visitors.

The multi-layered security and end-to-end encryption keep your property safe and secure, with over-the-air updates to keep your system protected from the latest threats with minimal downtime. Increase productivity and efficiency with remote monitoring capabilities and automated alerts for security threats.

Openpath is great for commercial real estate and office buildings with rotating tenants. The intuitive cloud-based software makes it easy to adjust permissions, issue credentials, and reuse the same system for new tenants without having to rip and replace the hardware. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate Openpath with all the building tools and systems thanks to open architecture and APIs.
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Multi-family Residential

Keep your multi-family residential property safe and secure with Openpath. The cloud-based platform offers 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities, with added safety features tenants will love.

Secure lobbies, amenities, and parking garages with 24/7 mobile access control, which lets residents unlock the door with their phones. Prevent lockouts, eliminate the need to constantly replace keys and fobs, and delight your residents with the touchless Wave to Unlock feature.

The intuitive cloud-based software makes it fast and easy to issue or revoke credentials as residents move in and out. Plus, the mobile credentials are instant, so residents no longer have to wait for keys, and building staff doesn’t have to collect a fob on move-out.

Openpath lets you accommodate visitors at any time with digital Guest Passes. Quickly create and send custom visitor credentials via text or email for maintenance, deliveries, or vendors.
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Gym & Fitness Centers

Your fitness club members can have frictionless 24/7 gym access with Openpath’s mobile access control. Increase safety and convenience with touchless Wave to Unlock on your front door and gym turnstiles. Openpath also features built-in occupancy tracking to make managing gym capacity easier, and eliminates the need for 24/7 reception.

Protect against membership fraud and tailgating with real-time access logs and detailed reporting. Connect membership platforms directly to access credentials to automate billing processes, track attendance, and monitor space usage at any given time.

Openpath’s real-time analytics and cloud-based software assist with gym management and reduce costs. Eliminate unnecessary overhead and improve staffing schedules, adjust class times and sizes, and quickly export customized reports for easy auditing.

Openpath offers an out-of-the-box integration with ABC Fitness Solutions for improved gym management, and is trusted by fitness clubs all over the US. Plus, the cloud-based system is backwards compatible with most existing gym access systems, and seamlessly integrates with gym video surveillance systems.
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Cloud-based access control from Openpath is a great option for schools and campuses looking to improve security and safety. The easy-to-use mobile credentials offer more flexibility for teachers, staff and students, with touchless Wave to Unlock access to protected environments.

Openpath’s robust Flexible Lockdown feature, which is free for 501(c)3 organizations and schools, lets authorized users remotely trigger a Lockdown from their personal device in the event of an emergency. Remote unlock also makes it easy to let emergency personnel into specific entries, without compromising security for the entire building or campus.

Openpath’s integration with Allegion Schlage® wireless locks gives schools the ability to use Bluetooth mobile credentials and remote unlock capabilities in classrooms, offices, and laboratories, too.

Occupancy tracking features, real-time access logs, and customizable Guest Pass credentials are great tools for school event management, and ensuring safety throughout k-12 and university campuses.
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