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Year Established: 2016


Openpath - Culver City CA
600 Corporate Pointe
Suite 400
Culver City, CA 90230
United States
Phone: +1 844 673-6728

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Company Overview

On a mission to improve safety and security for the built world, Openpath creates smart, customizable access control systems. Sleek hardware and convenient touchless, mobile entry enhances the user experience, while cloud-based enterprise software effortlessly scales to make remote system management easier than ever.

The Openpath platform is designed with an open API architecture and backwards compatibility for superior interoperability. Seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed technology partners, including solutions for tailgating, video surveillance, directory platforms, visitor management, and building automation. Create safer, healthier spaces with built-in lockdown and occupancy tracking features, plus integrations for health questionnaires, temperature screenings, and contact tracing. Openpath is the first and only solution to achieve 94% mobile adoption.



The award-winning Lockdown solution from Openpath lets you activate a lockdown plan anywhere, from any device. This crucial safety feature lets you lock down the entire facility, or specific entries for different types of situations.

Openpath’s Lockdown feature improves safety and security in offices, schools, and religious institutions. The robust Lockdown capabilities are essential for natural disasters, active shooter scenarios, break-ins, and even assist with crowd control and event management.
- Remote activation on any device
- Flexible Lockdown lets you create specific plans for different types of emergencies
- Automatically notify emergency personnel once a Lockdown is activated
- Share live video feeds with first responders via VMS integrations or the Openpath Video Reader Pro
- Set permissions for which users can activate and revert Lockdowns
- Activate lockdowns from integrated third-party devices like panic buttons, wired triggers, or gunshot detectors
- 2020 Edison Awards Gold winner for Innovative Services
- Free for educational facilities and 501(c)3 organizations
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Openpath offers anti-tailgating access control features to keep unwanted individuals out of your space. Physical access control helps keep individuals from piggybacking off authorized credentials by only allowing one person at a time through the door.

The Openpath Video Reader Pro also gives you real-time video footage of what’s happening outside your door. The remote monitoring software allows you to see tailgating incidents, and mitigate them as they occur.
- Openpath Smart Readers work with turnstiles to prevent tailgating in lobbies
- Customize your Openpath settings with shorter Entry Open Duration to discourage tailgaters
- Connect Openpath to people counters and trackers for advanced anti-tailgating technology
- Openpath offers out-of-the-box integrations with VMS systems for additional visual monitoring of the entire space
- View real-time access activity from any device
- Receive automated alerts for specific entry events to mitigate tailgating
- Easy search and filter for customized reporting and expedited auditing
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Video management system

Easily connect your video surveillance cameras to your Openpath access control system for a more complete picture of security throughout your space. Openpath offers native integrations with the leading VMS providers, including Cisco Meraki, Camio, Milestone, Rhombus Systems, and Ava, plus real-time visual verification of access activity at the door with the Video Reader Pro.
- Mitigate loss prevention Control zone capacity with occupancy tracking
- Monitor, detect, and mitigate tailgating incidents
- Receive real-time alerts with video
- Visually confirm and query any entry from anywhere on your device
- Easy cloud-based provisioning and setup reduces IT burden
- Detailed and accurate reporting for compliance and audit trails
- Strong end-to-end encryption to protect your data and assets
- Context-driven security improves issue response, boosts productivity, and allows for better decision-making at all levels
- Centralize your VMS monitoring with cloud-based options and fully remote access to the entire platform
- Create custom dashboards for each level of the organization, from front desk staff to global system administrators
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Admin training and onboarding

Become an expert in your Openpath system and software. Openpath offers one-on-one training sessions to help with onboarding, integrations, setup, and specific access control use cases. Book a personalized training session or concierge onboarding package to make the most of your Openpath access control system.
- Dedicated support and onboarding for new or growing accounts
- Full-service setup including credentialing, provisioning, schedule creation and permissions
- Tailored training sessions for account managers, administrators, and end users
- Learn how to setup specific Openpath integrations
- Get in-depth learning for your specific use case
- Enterprise-level support for multi-location security needs
- Easily book training sessions online with an Openpath specialist
- Free online knowledge base available 24/7
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