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Year Established: 1986


Videotec - Highland, IN
9801 Spring Street
Highland, IN 46322
United States
Phone: +1 219 922-4500
Fax: +1 708 862-2001

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The VIDEOTEC A&E Security Consultant Program provides the information, tools and support to design and build systems with our innovative products that fit in to systems.

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Company Overview

VIDEOTEC designs and manufactures innovative products for mission critical applications in the harshest and most demanding industrial and outdoor environments. Our wide range of video security products includes: High-performance optical and thermal cameras for monitoring in total darkness and far distances; explosion-proof optical and thermal cameras and PTZ's; stainless steel cameras for marine and corrosive environments; powerful LED illuminators and control keyboards. Our components integrate to provide the highest degree of protection and immediate situational awareness, resulting in rapid and effective assessment and response to threats.

Product Areas

PTZ Cameras and Units

PTZ Cameras and Units  Logo

PTZ ULISSE cameras and units are the best solution for any type of dynamic outdoor video surveillance application. The accurate and sturdy construction ensures high speed and accurate target detection in any type of environmental condition, with zero maintenance. The wide range includes open IP or analogue architectural models, with a choice of Full HD, day/night and thermal integrated cameras.
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Explosion-Proof PTZ Cameras

Explosion-Proof PTZ Cameras  Logo

The explosion-proof cameras and PTZ units have been certified and designed to meet strict standards regarding installation in hazardous locations with the presence of flammable gases and combustible dusts. The wide range provides critical process monitoring and video surveillance solutions for chemical, oil & gas, agriculture and many other industries with risk of explosion . Their sturdiness and zero maintenance make these products suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions.
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Stainless Steel PTZ Cameras

Stainless Steel PTZ Cameras  Logo

Our stainless steel PTZ cameras are designed for particularly corrosive environments. We have attained Lloyd's Register Type Approval. This certifies that Videotec products are compliant with the stringent quality and reliability requirements demanded by the maritime sector's international standards.
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Explosion-Proof Fixed Cameras and Housings

Explosion-Proof Fixed Cameras and Housings  Logo

The wide range of ATEX and UL certified hazloc products guarantees performance in monitoring critical processes and offering video surveillance solutions for the chemical, oil and gas, marine, agricultural and other industrial areas with flammable gases and combustible dusts.
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Stainless Steel Housings

Stainless Steel Housings  Logo

The NX range of housings has been developed for the most extreme corrosive environmental conditions, including maritime and industrial sectors and on motorways. The range includes: liquid-cooled housings with glass resistant to elevated temperatures; air barrier for cleaning or cooling the front window; housings for Hi-PoE cameras; and housings for immersion in water. Lloyd's Register Type Approval certified.
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General Purpose Camera Housings

General Purpose Camera Housings  Logo

The range of housings, made from aluminum and innovative plastic materials, support a variety of external environments. Hi-PoE housing systems measure optional heating, fans and illuminators, maintaining a power balance, ensuring it is adequately distributed to connected devices.
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Washing Systems

Washing Systems   Logo

Our cleaning kits adapt to any VIDEOTEC PTZ camera or housing equipped with a wiper - and are also compatible with third-party products equipped with a wiper.
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Illuminators  Logo

The wide range of LED illuminators for night monitoring includes: 850nm IR, 940nm fully covert and white light options.
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Control Keyboards

Control Keyboards  Logo

Our keyboards control a wide range of switching devices and most of the speed domes and PTZs available on the market.
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