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Year Established: 1986


Videotec - Highland, IN
9801 Spring Street
Highland, IN 46322
United States
Phone: +1 219 922-4500
Fax: +1 708 862-2001

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Security Specifier Support Resource VIDEOTEC A&E Security Consultant Portal
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The VIDEOTEC A&E Security Consultant Program provides the information, tools and support to design and build systems with our innovative products that fit in to systems.

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Phone: +1 518 825-0020

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Company Overview

VIDEOTEC designs and manufactures innovative products for mission critical applications in the harshest and most demanding industrial and outdoor environments. Our wide range of video security products includes: High-performance optical and thermal cameras for monitoring in total darkness and far distances; explosion-proof optical and thermal cameras and PTZ's; stainless steel cameras for marine and corrosive environments; powerful LED illuminators and control keyboards. Our components integrate to provide the highest degree of protection and immediate situational awareness, resulting in rapid and effective assessment and response to threats.

Reference Projects

VIDEOTEC Helps Strictly Regulated Cannabis Industry

Surveillance system using Maximus hazardous location cameras in Mexican refineries

ULISSE Compact HD PTZ used in wind farm monitoring

Chilean mine uses NXM housings in monitoring of heavy-duty tasks

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