Dell Technologies

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Dell Technologies

Year Established: 1984


Dell HQ
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682
United States

Other Location(s)

Dell UDS - Seattle

United States

Support Resources

Security Specifier Support Resource Computer Vision Saftey and Security
Jim Mills - Public Edge Computer Vision
Phone: 704-713-9978
Web Link

Security Specifier Support Resource Dell UDS A&E Support
Brian St.Onge - Business Development Manager
Phone: +1 365 889-1513

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Company Overview

Leading the industry with an outcomes-based process for computer vision - Safety and security specialized solutions Improving safety and security with lab-validated solutions for more than 20 industries from aerospace to transportation. Reduce deployment risks Increase system reliability Gain a proven, repeatable architecture

Computer Vision Safety and Security Contacts

Computer Vision Contacts

List of contacts for the Americas that specialize in workloads for Safety, Security, Computer Vision, Analytics/AI and Cyber Security. Working closely with our OEM/ISV partners to provide award winning lab validated solutions for the variety of architectures required to achieve desired outcomes.
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