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Cypress Integration Solutions

Year Established: 1983


Cypress Integration Solutions
1778 Imlay City Rd
Lapeer, MI 48446
United States
Phone: (810) 245-2300

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Security Specifier Support Resource Tech Support Department
Phone: +1 810 245-2300 ext 201
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Access the Cypress technical support page to activate your Cypress warranty, find custom ordering information, track an order, connect with the Cypress tech support desk, and more.

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Company Overview

Cypress Integration Solutions is a world-leading developer
and manufacturer of physical access control integration solutions which save time and money, solve installation challenges, and advance adoption of SIA's OSDP™ protocol.

Built in the USA with nearly 40 years of expertise, the Cypress lineup of innovative and award-winning solutions includes Suprex® Reader-Extenders, data converters, OSDP retrofit solutions & tools, and wireless handheld readers. Cypress also custom-engineers solutions and provides OEM/ODM products.


Download the Guide to Solving & Preventing Access Control & Security Problems

Download the Guide to Solving & Preventing Access Control & Security Problems  Logo

Access the Cypress guide to access control solutions in English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, or Spanish.

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OSDP & Wiegand solutions

OSDP & Wiegand solutions  Logo

Cypress provides the extra pieces to make access control systems work. For example:
• You need to position a reader farther from the controller
• You need to integrate a company's mustering procedure with their access control system
• Your client needs to upgrade high-security areas with SIA's OSDP protocol, in a phased migration 
• You need access points to interface with a controller, with a parking lot or railroad tracks in between
• Your client needs access control at a temporary or construction site

Click below to access the Cypress solution sheet.

Cypress documents

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Review documents for Cypress products.

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Why use OSDP instead of Wiegand?

Why use OSDP instead of Wiegand?  Logo

Why use SIA's OSDP protocol instead of Wiegand? Many reasons: Encryption, authentication and supervision, remote monitoring, interoperability, functionality and more. 

Click below to download the free fact sheet.

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OSDP articles

OSDP articles  Logo

Cypress curates a library of articles related to OSDP. OSDP is SIA's access control standard that is replacing Wiegand, due to greater security, interoperability, and functionality. 

Click below to access the library on the Cypress OSDP web page.

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How to fix the Wiegand security flaw with SIA's OSDP standard

How to fix the Wiegand security flaw with SIA's OSDP standard  Logo

Learn how to fix the Wiegand security vulnerability and find out more about the SIA OSDP access control standard in this Cypress video.

Other helpful Cypress resource videos are also available here.

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